label_important Spoiled water check_box Completed

Water supplies in area are contained and possibly causes illness among people who have consumed spoiled water. 
Samples are needed from following location:

1) Kaakonlammi

2) Pumppu 1

3) Pumppu 3

4) Iso-Taurus

5) Iso-Hervo south

6) Iso-Hervo North

7) Pumppu 2

8) Pumppu 4

9) Kiukonsilta

Water company men in town knows how to collect samples. Talk to them to get required tools for collection.

label_important Highway to richness check_box Completed

Bank manager J. Hölbers delivered 28.8.2020 a case of money to Tarus village town hall. Town leader took the money and hid them inside the town hall. Situation is unclear, tensions are high and money is low among the civilian. Some might consider even robbing the town hall.

Town leader himself is browsing through catalogs of holiday flights and the rumor is that he is trying to flee the country before the war goes on much further.

label_important Where our leader went? check_box Completed

Leader of Taurus has vanished for unknown reason. Out of blue he and his rucksack has vanished from town hall. 

Did he get hold on gold and left area for good? Were rumors too much for him? Did he break?Was he captured? Find out what became him?

UPDATE: Pirkanmaa and UN has located the Leader and interrogated him. Pirkanmaa and has acquired some resource points from the Leader.

UPDATE: The village leader was injured while being captured by UN/Pirkanmaa and managed to flee the scene. Leader is injured, but is bound to recover before evening. Some people think that the leader might have stolen some gold while the UN and Pirkanmaa were fighting.

label_important Repair antenna check_box Completed

The antenna in the middle of the area is broken. To function it requires a control unit. The control unit can be used only by a trained professional.

Civilian faction member with a special skill is required for this mission.

label_important Resupply mortar check_box Completed

Resupply mortar with this looking ammo box. Find/buy it and bring it to mortar location and inform your faction HQ.

label_important UN: Protect and deliver the new money for Tarus village bank check_box Completed

UN has agreed to transport and protect the money transport for Tarus village bank. The location where and when transfer begins, is secret, but money location is shown on GPS when transport is given to UN. When money comes to Tarus Town Hall, it will be locked in new village safe.

label_important Old RSV documents check_box_outline_blank Active

Find and recover documents related to the destroyed RSV device.

label_important Control Water pumps and Capture points check_box_outline_blank Active

Capture and control water pumps for points.

Capture control points for respawn locations for your faction.

UN and Civilians can also capture points as resistance against fighting factions.

label_important Defend Supply Depot and find enemy depot check_box_outline_blank Active

Your faction has supply depot near your faction base. It is shown in your faction map. Defend it, when ordered.

Enemy also has supply depot, find it, so you can attack it if needed later in the game.

label_important Repair and modify water pumps check_box_outline_blank Active

Repair broken or contaminated water pumps and add additional filters to gain more points.

Repair and installation work can only be carried out by professionals and with their assistance. 

Civilian faction member with a special skill is required for this mission.

label_important Tank fuel check_box_outline_blank Active

Main faction tanks are not in the fight because of lack of tank fuel. Find/steal/buy tank fuel and support your faction to have tanks in future battles!

label_important Source of illness check_box_outline_blank Active

Illness is spreading among civilians. Find source of sickness.

label_important Hidden gold check_box_outline_blank Active

There is rumors about hidden gold stash in area. There is enough gold to live fat rest of life. Last rumors suggests stash is sunk into one of the lakes in area and glows at night. Leader of the community has brought up his interest to stash or might even know where it is.


UPDATE: Community leader has been upset today for some reason. There's a rumor going around that village people have something to do with the gold. Village leader told that he saw vehicle tracks leading away from the shore.

label_important Drug dealer check_box_outline_blank Active

Among civilians there is increased number drug addiction cases which implies that someone is spreading drugs to people. Find out who this person is and where they have their hidden stash.

UN might be interested to catch this criminal scum.

Other civilians might be interested get their hands to drugs (cause addicts).

Fighting factions might be interested to find these drugs so they can trade them to addicts for information.

Either way, everybody has something to gain from it!

UPDATE: UN has found the possible drug dealer


label_important Hölböcorp Showcase at Club Pusu delayed due to heavy fighting warning Failed

Hölböcorp will showcase its wide array of services at Club Pusu 16.30

We are specialized in:

  • Satellite Systems
  • Underwater Salvage operations
  • Missile Technologies

We accept payment also in gold and other valuables.


label_important Evacuate point for CIVILIANS ONLY check_box_outline_blank Active

One of the civilians have ordered evacuation from area. Go to evacuate point for transport!