label_important Mark the copper mine check_box Completed

Our factions management wants to use the missile for the copper mine in the area. It doesn't seem to matter whether our faction controls the mine or not. This is clearly connected to some larger plan.

The display terminal of the missile device is broken, so it must be aimed manually. The expert has brought some special marking grenades to shoot at the mine.

Naturally, the management does not want the faction to be connected in any way of shooting marking grenades at the copper mine, so the grenades should be shot as far away as possible to avoid getting caught.

When the mine is marked, the management of the faction must be contacted about it, after which we will receive more information.

label_important Signal jammer check_box Completed

A mysterious signal jammer has appeared somewhere in the area. The effects of the jammer are significant:

  • Temporary respawn points do not work
  • Resource points do not work
  • Artillery centers do not hit
  • Helicopters don't fly

The origin of the jammer is unknown, but according to Internet forums, deactivating it would require a separate van protected from radio frequencies and also special expertise.

label_important Copper Mine warning Failed

Civilians have restarted the old copper mine that has been inactive for a long time. However, the mining machines at the copper mine need fuel to operate.

There is only a small amount of this fuel in the area. In addition to fuel, the mining machine is also quite thirsty for coolant.

When the mine is in operation, it produces resources for the party controlling it. However, the mine needs expertise from civilians to operate.

label_important Capture points check_box_outline_blank Active

Dominate capture points through which factions players can respawn.

Capture points are not visible until they are first captured by a faction.

Civilian faction has special abilities to modify the capture points so that they will generate resources to the faction holding them.

label_important Resource points check_box_outline_blank Active

Dominate resource points through which factions gains benefits.

Resource points are not visible until they are first captured by a faction.

label_important Jewelry among grunts check_box_outline_blank Active

Intel has learned that among civilian workers there is Sewell operator who has been providing anonymous information/resources to Sewell.

Sewell: Your task is to protect mining operation at copper mine


Polaris: Your task is find out who this person is. You need to make person confess or find proof.