Id Name Event Content Shown
51Forecast:TSTOS19: Saturday 17.8. contamination map GlobalSaturday forecast for contaminated areas released. -
57NOTICETSTOS 19 Public Information about the accident involving vehicles 17.8.2019 at TSTOS 19 airsoft event on Kristiaanintie at Padasjoki.
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- 17.08.2019 20.00
58REMINDERTSTOS 19 Public - The SPEED LIMIT of the game area is 20 KM/H!
- Whenever a vehicle is moving, dipped beams (driving lights) must be turned on. At standstill, the vehicle may have their lights turned off, althouh we RECOMMEND at least position lights (parking lights) for increased SAFETY.
- NO pyrotechnics are to be used OUTSIDE of the area controlled by the FINNISH DEFENSE FORCES. If you are unsure if you are within these boundaries, DO NOT use pyrotechnics!
- When deploying grenades, remember to inform those around you by yelling "GRENADE"

ALL THIS RULES WILL BE ENFORCED and infractions will have consequences.
62ATTENTION!TSTOS 19 Public Game masters have received numerous complaints about a group of Pirkanmaa players misbehaving and breaking the game rules. Game masters have decided to take drastic measures to ensure that such actions have been terminated and will not happen again.17.08.2019 23.23 - 18.08.2019 23.23
63Update:TSTOS 19 Public Water pump 5 moved to north at old Water Pump 3 location (and neutralized). -
64Sunday flag and contamination situation:TSTOS 19 Public From Sunday 08.00AM G-point will be permanently Red for Uusimaa. Many points south of it are going to be left inside contaminated level 2 zones like you can see from seperate map. Notice that some contaminated areas are also now inside civilian village area! Anti-air at Water pump 5 was today destroyed by Uusimaa with explosive, so anti-air near Foxtrot is the only anti-air guarding the airfield. -